How to remove Unity Splash Screen

I have a Unity Pro license, and as written in the deployment section of this page -

I would like to remove the Unity Splash Screen. I already know how to replace it with my own image. I am, however, looking forward to removing it completely. I tried replacing it with a blank image, and it shows a blank screen for about 5 seconds. And if I leave the splash screen section empty, it shows Powered By Unity logo.

I would be grateful for any assistance provided.

The Default Unity Splash Screen can only be removed by Pro license owners. The Spash screen is removed by the process below:

  1. Open Unity Editor
  2. Click “File” (“Unity” on Mac) > “Build Settings”
  3. Click “Player Settings”
  4. Navigate to “Splash Image” Tab


For future reference, (to the devs that are looking for a solution).
Note that the loading screen is there to preload your scripts and objects before entering the game.
There is no way as completely removing the splashscreen as it is needed to preload your components, as far I understand it.


i believe it is in player settings