How to render a block of water ?

I’m making a 2.5D game, and the level is cut in half, so I’m trying to render a block of water (Just like in The Cave, but without the dynamic deformation)
Here’s an example:[24470-cave+2014-03-29+12-46-12-24.jpg|24470]

I’ve been trying for a week with no success, the main problem is the vertical render of the water, the vertical side has to be attached to the horizontal side because it’s animated.


continued discussion from comments

after experimenting, your observations are correct, the water becomes ‘stretched’ the more vertical it becomes.

A couple of points : please post better more detailed questions in future. Your question still doesn’t specify the exact desired effect, all I can assume is you’re trying to emulate the effect in the screenshot and game. This is more a design issue than a Unity specific technical question, I’m surprised it hasn’t been closed (as I used to close these without question). However, since I personally find it more interesting and unique than 99.9% of the other questions here, I shall endeavour to help.

OK, so looking at the source reference (using a video link I found here) :

  • 1 : is a water plane
  • 2,3,4 : are either animated textures or particle effects
  • 5 : underwater caustics

some links to underwater caustics using a projector :

so finally the front plane :

this is just a plane with a transparent texture, and the texture is static (it doesn’t move/animate UVs). Look at the white lines at the top, they don’t move, except when there is a splash effect (what happens there I don’t know). The vertices are simply moved the same amount on the Y-axis as the front edge of the water plane. What really makes this work is somehow the shader on the plane applies diffraction to the objects behind it, giving the illusion that they ‘wobble’ as being viewed diffracted through the water surface.

So that is the whole setup for you to try and emulate. Try and find a shader that will give an illusion of diffraction to objects rendered behind it. The rest are just normal water effects. If you do find such a shader, please post a link as I would be interested.

Good Luck.