How to render certain colors of GameObject as transparent?

I have a 3D mesh in .fbx format that I’ve already pre-segmented into 3 colors. For example, the parts of the mesh are already colored (using vertex RGB colors) as red, blue, or green. I’d like the user to be able to ‘turn off’ the rendering of the blue parts of the GameObject once they’re done interacting with it, but still be able to see the red and green parts.

How can I accomplish this?,I have an imported 3D mesh in .fbx format. In this mesh, I’ve already pre-segmented it into 3 different colors (vertex RGB). Certain parts are highlighted in red, green, or blue. I’d like to be able to see all of the colors until the user is done interacting with the mesh. Once they’re done, they should be able to turn off the blue part of the mesh.

How can I accomplish this?

Write a shader that reads the vertex colors and clip pixels that match your filtering condition (eg. clip(IN.color.r - 0.5) will discard any pixel whose interpolated vertex color is less than 0.5)
You could even have those pixels fade out, but that’d mean you have to render your object as trasnaprent, which has other disadvantages