How to Render/Unrender certain parts of an object at runtime

So we want to make a city building game and someone wanted to have it so that when u build the house (which i can do) then the house is built as is the texture is forming over a certain amount of time. So basically can u stop parts of an object rendering at runtime. Cheers.

Huh? I think I understand, say a house is placed by a user in the scene, and you want the house to appear to be forming over a period of time, yes? The easiest way is to make the house as a series of gameobjects/prefabs and spawn them at different intervals with a coroutine in a simple script. Foundation, walls, roof, etc. having a lot of game objects though will likely increase drawcalls if you aren’t careful.

There are other ways to do it, some very cool looking - take Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams - it has a VERY cool morph dynamic (watch a preview on youtube now if you haven’t seen it before, it is truly awesome)… Where they truly morph one object into another. They have a blog post how they did it - animating it in 3ds Max using built in 3ds max morph modifier. Animation ahead of time is always less intensive on the processor, and how they could get away with morphing so many without any framerate issues… You don’t have to that exactly, you can animate the object though in a similar/unique way, or use a combination of these strategies.