How to replace 3rd person mesh with my own?

Hey im not realy “new” to unity but im not near familier with it enough to make stuff.

so what i have is a minecraft like charactor model and textured and animated with blender 2.6 and im wanting to just ad him to the scene and have his animations work and have the same 16bit texture not blury or morphed. basicly just replaceing the “builder” guy with this one and keeping the movement and jump.

what would i have to do to get this to work?

thanks in advance

  1. Add your model to the scene.
  2. Add the same scripts (components) that are on the default Third Person Controller prefab (“builder” guy) to your model.
  3. Check over the settings in the components – for example, select your model’s animations in the Animation component, and specify those animations in the Third Person Controller component.

If you’re trying to use the “builder” guy’s animations, this won’t work with the legacy-animation third person controller scripts unless your model’s skeleton is exactly the same.