How to replace and modify in realtime Halo shader

Hi guys,
I’m developing a game that is using a Curved Lambert Shader. The shader modifies the position of vertex as more the object is far from the camera. The shader works for geometries but not for Halos whitch remain in their original position.
So I found the Halo built-in shader and I noticed that I can create a modified version of the Internal-Halo.shader that will do esxactly the same thing also for Halos.

On the Unity documentation page: Unity - Manual: Halo component
is written: “To override the shader used for Halos copy the Internal-Halo.shader shader from the Built-in shaders into a folder named “Resources” in your “Assets” folder.”

I did it. But I have the impression that is not working. I’m editing the Internal-Halo.shader in the Resources folder, but Halos are still showed in the same way. So I have the feeling that just adding this shader in the Resources folder is not enought to override the shader.
Someone knows why?

Someone know how to test for sure if the built-in shader have been ovverrided?

Also the modified shader Internal-Halo.shader has a Property now which i would like to set by script. something like: material.SetVector(“_QOffset”, ExternalOffset )
How can i do so? How can I edit a property in a shader that is not attached to any renderer but is the shader used for all the Halos in the scene?

Hi, im facing a problem that may be solved with a hint of you. I dont need to change the halo shader, i just need to pass different values to it. How have you been able to access the Material of the Halo Component?

Thank you.

Honestly i didn’t find it.
The curved shader I was using was creating the same problem also with shadows. It was curving geometries but not shadows, so shadows appear more disjointed from geometries, as more they where far from the camera.
So we understand that was simplier changing that feature of the game with something else.