How to request Microphone Permisson for Mac OSX Standalone?

I am having a lot of difficulty with triggering the Microphone Permissions prompt for Mac OSX Standalone build. All of the documentation is either for Android or IOS. I have implemented this code from the Application documentation (Unity - Scripting API: Application.RequestUserAuthorization)

But it does not ask for permission when the code is run. I have also modified the info.plist in XCode to include the “Privacy - Microphone Usage Description”.

Is there anything I am missing? Our app is heavily dependent on voice chat and this has been a blocker for releasing on Mac for awhile.

I appreciate your assistance! Thanks!

We’ve spent some time trying to get voice permissions as well while using Vivox. While it would attempt to join a channel, it would fail silently and not actually allow the microphone to transmit.

We discovered that in addition to ensuring NSMicrophoneUsageDescription
was in the plist in the mac app bundle package Contents when built, these entitlements also needed to be set:

Then the signtool must be run (and a cert may be required)

Both the plist and entitlements must be done. Only modifying the plist may cause the app to crash or fail to open as reported here:


Same issue