How to require password input on each Unity IAP Consumable purchase

I would like for my app to always request a user’s password when initiating a purchase of any consumable products. Right now, the IAP works great when testing. However, after I put in my password once, I can just repeatedly tap it hundreds of times without having to put in my password again. I can imagine this being very bad for parents if their children get a hold of it.

How can I always request the user enter a password when making purchases?

Assuming we’re talking about Android based on your tags, but iOS is the same.

It’s a device level thing, not something you as a developer call or modify (check the settings menus: Require a password or authentication for purchases - Google Play Help).

The owner of the device will setup their preferences and that’s that. If they have a child, it’d be wise for them to setup authentication for every purchase, or even use the Family mode features on iOS, but that’s not something for you to be involved in. All you can do is process the request as it’s made.

I don’t think you are able to query for this setting either, but I may be wrong (I’ve never tried to query for it).