How to reset a scene with JavaScript?

I am trying to make it so when I click a 3d text at the end of the game, it resets the scene. How can I do this?

  1. Write a script for your 3D Text.
  2. Add a collider

The first thing that you must do is write a simple script for your 3D Text. Remember, do not confuse OnMouseDown with Update. I did that once, and it was worrying until I worked out why my level instantly changed to another.

The number of your level is found under File, then Build Settings. You could also, in the same space, put the name of your level in speech marks.

function OnMouseDown ()
	Application.LoadLevel(/*  The number of the level that you want to load */);

Then what you need to do is add a collider, any collider. I prefer to use a box collider, personally.

That should work, but if you have any problems, please tell me.