How to reset child object's transform

I’ve been trying to deal with hinge joint problem and I am about to give up.
I’m not entirely sure where the problem is coming from.

I’ve made a door mechanic which works perfectly fine, but the door itself gives me a hard time.

I think it’s because of these child object transform values:
alt text

Is it possible to reset these values without changing the child object’s position?

This is what happens when I open/close the door, all child objects go around something else, not the hinge joint itself!
alt text

Any ideas on what may cause this, or how to solve?


Apparently that is all related to model itself, and no other way to fix this. Creating empty game objects doesn’t make it work. I even tried to put some cubes in place of rectangular models, but still no luck.
I reworked models, combined every sub-mesh into one single mesh and re-put everything (rigidbody & hindejoint & collider).

Now it works as intended.