How to reset default hotkeys for editor?

This may seem a bit crazy but somehow (and I don’t know how) I “accidentally” set a number of hotkeys to add a specific scripts…!
for example, when I have one of my game objects selected and I press (shift+d) script number 1 gets assigned as one of its components.

Now the main problem is that even when I’m renaming my objects and other stuff (shift+d) still adds the component and doesn’t type “D” (capital d) as it’s supposed to!
(I also have this problem with “shift+N” and “shift+O” keys)

in Edit>Preferences under the “Keys” tab I clicked Use Defaults but it didn’t solve the problem.

can any one help me with this please…

Well you or some asset code that you use does it by using MenuItem. You need to find it out.

You could try deleting your EditorPrefs? I believe they are saved in the registry like PlayerPrefs - HKCU\Software\Unity Technologies\UnityEditor

Or you can run EditorPrefs.DeleteAll() - Unity - Scripting API: EditorPrefs.DeleteAll

Use this at your own risk - I have not tested it.


Ok I don’t know how this actually works, here’s the thing,

I had named a set of my scripts like BTN_Exit, I used BTN as a short form of “Button” to manage the scripts used for controlling buttons, I also had some scripts with names like BTN_Ready_Play

I checked and notice all my keys which where not typing when I hold shift are the ones that came right after underscore,

I renamed my script and removed the underscores and also unnecessary Capital letters,
so for example BTN_Exit now is BtnExit

this solved the problem but I’m interested in knowing how this works and why it caused something like this…!