How to reset EVERTHING in Unity

My unity got to the point of no return. It goes insane with everything and I can’t figure it out. How do you reset absolutely every setting of everything to exist in Unity. I don’t care if I lose all my work. It’s better than working in these crap condition I’m in. Reinstalling did not work.

Try to uninstall Unity then clear Your temp folder (on Windows it’s %temp%), clear Unity appdata (on Windows it’s default C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData /Roaming/Unity and also search for it in /Local). This should reset every setting in Unity. Also check if unity is not installed in ReadOnly folder or in system folder.

EDIT: Also try to delete all *.meta files in Your project.

Hope this helps,

Unity has only a few setting that are stored globally, most settings belong to the project itself. First try to simply start a new empty project, if that works you know there’s something wrong in your project.

Next thing you should try is:

  • make sure you have a backup of your project!
  • exit Unity
  • Delete the “Library” folder and the “ProjectSettings” folder from your project
  • open your project again

In the rare case that this doesn’t work or most of your project is destroyed, try this:

  • Select everything in your project view and export everything to a package (Assets / Export Package).
  • Create a new, empty project and reimport your package there

ps: You didn’t specifically describe what you mean be “goes insane”. What symptomes do you have?