¿How to resize a plane, depending on the size of a video?

Hi, i’m doing a face-recognition-based app with Unity and Microsoft Kinect. The idea is to put some accesories on the user’s face (Glasses, masks, etc). I have the face data information (position n’ rotation) and a Plane with a video-texture representing the video output. The idea is that the video works as a mirror. The only way i imagine to do this, is putting the video as a background and setting the face tracked data on my GameObject to follow the head.

Here comes the problem:

  • How can i resize the Plane to the video’s real size? (640x480).
  • ¿Is there a better solution to do this?



I’ve done this type of thing. I just make the plane fill the screen (use Ortho camera for example) and then have controls to scale the content until it looks right. I’m working on an auto-calibration thing that would automatically size/position things, but it’s not done.