How to resize Shuriken particle emitter on a mesh?

The particle system seems to emit particle according to the standard scale of the mesh. Is there a way to decrease the size of emitter? Therefore, i can get more suitable mesh emitter for my smaller Gameobject.

The best way to do this is to duplicate the FBX model you wish the particle effect to emit from and in the FBX settings set the scale of the duplicate to match the one in the scene.

Then when you select it as the mesh for the emitter, the particles will emit relevent to the size of your mesh after being imported.

However if you want to do this for a basic plane, You are better off using a cube rather than a mesh.

The particle’s will not actually emit themselves relative to the Particle system’s scale under the Transform, however this is the only way to scale a mesh emitter.

The cube however can be re-sized in the scene view causing the particles to emit relative to the size you make it. Also you will notice the particle system’s transform scale will not change.

Ensure the particle system’s Scale uner transform is (X= 1 Y= 1 Z= 1) in order to get the best visual representation.