How to resolve the 65535 vertices error with Canvas ?

Hello everyone,

I’m working with a single Canvas with only a few button. I’m using Vectrosity and i have to display a lot of lines.

And i have the error : Canvas element contains more than 65535 vertices. This is not supported.
So i’m wondering if there is a solution to go further this.

I though of creating multiples Canvas, but it doesn’t seems to work, but maybe i don’t use it the right way.
If needed, i can find a way to know the number of vertices in my canvas.

I’m open to every suggestions that i should test,

Thank you for reading,

Solution : add canvas scaler to your canvas than put 100 in the Reference Pixels


I actually found a solution :

I create a new VectorCanvas3D every 10.000 lines.

foreach (PathSegment pathSegment in
pathSegmentsContainer.list) {

Vector3 vectors =
CreatesVectors(pathSegment, deca); //
Creates my Vector

var vectLine = new VectorLine
(“MyLine”, vectors, lineMaterial,
pathWidth, LineType.Discrete,
Joins.Weld ); vectLine.drawTransform =
wire.gameObject.transform; // In order
to follow my main object
vectLine.Draw3DAuto ();

canvasCount += vectors.Length;

vectLine.canvasID =
(int)(canvasCount/10000); // Increment
one by one every 10.000 lines.