how to restart in mac os

how to restart in mac os , not find in launchctl ,

but in the

Mac OS X
Run the launchctl command from the terminal to control the “com.unity.accelerator” service from the LaunchControl utility. For more information, visit


In your ~/Library/LaunchAgents directory, you should find a .plist file (either com.unity3d.accelerator.plist or com.unity.accelerator.plist). If the Accelerator is running, you can use launchctl unload [PATH_TO_PLIST_FILE] to stop it. Then, you can use launchctl load [PATH_TO_PLIST_FILE] to start it again. You can check the processes or use launchctl to make sure the Accelerator is running again (launchctl list | grep accelerator).

sorry , i not find the plist in ~/Library/LaunchAgents , i install from dmg

i need reinstall ?

You can reinstall and make sure that the Accelerator is running first. After reinstalling, please make sure that the plist file is there.