How to restart Movement script when game is restarted

My game is all in one scene so when my player dies and the user clicks restart the game (when it shows the game over screen) the script below doesn’t restart with it so the enemies are still going fast when the user is replaying the game. How do I make it restart when the game restarts. Thank you :slight_smile:

       if (Score % 10 == 0){
         //Increment movespeed variable  from Movement script
          Movement.movespeed += 4;

This is used in my score script. The Movement.movespeed is a reference to my movement script attach to my enemies making them go faster when the player collects 10 points.

This is where I restart my game:

    public AudioClip Gamestartsound;
public GameObject Music;
public PlayerMovement playerMovementRef;

public void DisableBoolAnimator(Animator anim)
	anim.SetBool ("IsDisplayed", false);

public void EnableBoolAnimator(Animator anim)
	anim.SetBool ("IsDisplayed", true);

public void NavigateTo(int scene)
	Application.LoadLevel ("Game Level");

public void ExitGame()
	Application.Quit ();
public void PauseGame()
	Time.timeScale = 0;
	playerMovementRef.enabled = false;

public void UnPauseGame()
	Time.timeScale = 1;
	playerMovementRef.enabled = true;
	AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint (Gamestartsound, transform.position);


I tried adding this:
Movement.movespeed = 0.2;

Under this:
public void NavigateTo(int scene).

But I get this error:

error CS0031: Constant value 0.2' cannot be converted to a int’


LOL I got the same errors when I was a begginer

0.2 Cannot be converted to int means

that the variable that is assigned 0.2 is an int variable that strictly stores Integer(No decimal points) numbers

So you can change

public void NavigateTo(int scene){ 



public void NavigateTo(float scene){ 


This will make a float instead of int which can store decimal points and regular numbers