How to retarget animation? (Changing final position)

I'm working on a simple game in which a missile hits different objects (through animation). I created an animation using "Animation" window and applied on the missile but it only works for one specific object (for which I initially build the animation), there are more then 100 objects which missile can hit. I can't create 100+ animations for the missile (for each object it hits in the game)

Is there is a way in which I can change the final target position in animation ? (may be able to change the frame values) Or I have to create animation manually by script ?

The following image contain the top view as example of 3D game, different animation paths are below how I can use same animation clip for different animation paths ? or how I can change it ? Can anyone tell me good solution for handling same type of animations but on different points and paths?


Did you try meshAgent?

I can't use mesh agent because objects will be generated on runtime in the game