How to retrieve data from AWS SDK DynamoDB Data Table?

Hi Guys,

We are looking at AWS DynamoDB as an alternative to Parse, downloaded the “”.

It is a lot more complicated than Parse but eventually managed to use the SDK to create a table and populate the table with data. Now the issue is that we cannot find any documentation on how to retrieve the data.

The AWS Unity developer guide does not cover the topic,

Can any one please assist or point us in the right direction?

@Jean-Pierre-DP I’ve managed to use AWS for DynamoDB.

First Add All using Amazon.Dynomdb; stuff at top.
You’ll need to create a class to serialize the table

public class YourTableName
	[DynamoDBHashKey]   // Hash key.
	public string HashName { get; set; }
	public int SomethingInTable { get; set; }
	public bool SomethingElseInTable { get; set; }

You’ll need to use the LoadAsync function. like this:

void YourFunction ( string HashName )
    Context.LoadAsync<YourTableName>(HashName,(AmazonDynamoDBResult<YourTableName> result) =>
        int GetSomething = result.Result.SomethingInTable;

I have been struggling with AWS SDK for weeks now.

I finally got Cognito to work and Sync. But when I try to pass it to DynamoDB client, it works like one time right after creating a new identity pool. The second time, it says “Access for identity xxx is forbidden”.
Any thoughts?

My permissions/policy in IAM are all open. I have a short Python script that is able to pull the items from the table outside unity. In unity, even when running the debugger, the *Async calls are completely ignored (skipped over?)

Any and all thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.

I posted the question with more details here but nobody has commented so far: