how to retrive an array from SQL database in Javascript?

Hi Im trying to pass data from my database to unity using php, the data I need to recieve is an array of variables. I just dont know how to do it with unity. I using unity web player and an allready functional php script that uses json to send the info to the web page just cant understand what Ive got to do to use this data.

This is an example of my php file:

$json = array();
$json['info'] = array();
$json['id'][] = $info['id'];
$json['user'][] = $info['user'];
$json['secret'][] = $info['email'];
// encode array to JSON 
$encoded = json_encode($json);    

I want to be able to do something like this:


and then be abel to use the array, but I cant do it. Does anyone know a better way to do or got an example of how I can do this? JSON format looks like it is poorly implemented in unity is there a native way of retriving this type of data?

Retrieve sql data by use of sql database repair

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