How to return key pressed from Update?

As the question asks is there a way to return the KeyCode of a button pressed from the UPDATE function? I am aware you can achieve this from the OnGUI method using the Event handler but I am already using the OnGUI method for something else and considering I am changing gamestate stuff I would rather do it from the Update method.

My current reasoning is I want to user to be able to select any of the 10 number buttons while holding down control. I could do a branching if/else statement but I was hoping I could check if the key pressed returned a KeyCode that was contained inside my KeyCode List and thus branch off appropriately (sort of like making a pseudo switch) or is the only way to do this to hard code the values inside the if / else statement?

I’d prefer answers in Pseudo code or c# if possible I find Javascript a bit harder to read…

Something like this?

var keyList : KeyCode[];

if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Ctrl)){ // or however ctrl is checked
   for(var key : KeyCode in keyList){
         // weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee