How to Reverse animation of Animator and loop at frame zero


I use Unity 4.6.2 and C#.

void Awake ()
    base.Awake ();
    animator = GetComponent<Animator> ();

And later I could reverse animation like below

animator.speed = DEFAULT_SPEED * -1;

DEFAULT_SPEED is float speed time.

But, If the animation arrive to frame 0, the animation was stopped.
In the Inspector of the Animation file, I certainly checked “Loop Time”.
Normal animation is able to loop, but, reversing it can’t work.
Can you help?

I found similar question but there aren’t.

Hm… No One know how to fix in this community.
I resolved by this.
Try it!

	void Update ()
		// for fix reverser loop
		if (isReverse) {
			if (animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo (0).normalizedTime <= 0.0f) {
				animator.Play (Animator.StringToHash (ANIM_NAME), 0, 1.0f);