How to rig wings to a human?

If I wanted a Angel or Demon or some sort of Humanoid bipedal dragon character in Unity, and I manage to rig it right in Blender, does it just “work” by drag and dropping the animation into the Animator?

What’s the difference between Humanoid and Generic, does Humanoid simply present you with more options for fine control of the mesh in Unity with its native scripts?

So for an angel sort of character would I then need to just have an animation for all the possible animations I would want it to use in game and swap using the state controller (carefully I presume?)?

Would that “blend” from one animation to the next fairly well?

You need the humanoid type avatar, then check the option to import extra bones. Animating the extra bones is simple, just like the standard animaiton, check this for all information you need. Humanoid type can use the IK (Inverse kinematic, like move an hand to an object, modifing realistically the bones in real time whit only 2 lines of code) the generic can be any type of actor, from a dog to an mechanical arm.