How to rotate a Box with joystick?


I want to rotate a Box with joystick, but how can I use joystick put to left, Box rotate left. joystick put to right, Box rotate right. joystick put to up, Box rotate up. joystick put to down, Box rotate down.

But I don’t know how to do it!
Please, help me…

I already follow this thred and tried the last Quaternion script:

But its behavior is very bad!

The Box doesn’t follow the entire stroke of the Joystick:

The Box rotate just from 0 to the extremely Right in X axis, of the Joystick.

Also from 0 to extremely Down in Y axis, of the Joystick…

But, the Box doesn’t rotate: from 0 to Left, and from 0 to Up!!!


This error is due to Quaternion?

With the Keyboard Arrows, Up/Down and Left/Right, the script run correctly!
Just with Joystick doesn’t works well!

Please, can suggest anything, a good variation in the script, for use the Joystick?

Check and download my example “Unity v.3.4.2f3” Box scene file:


Excuse me! The Script run correctly!

The problem was solved with PPJoy Interface. My Joystick “Thrustmaster-TopGun-Afterburner2”, is compatible only with WindowsXP, (I have windows7), so the PPJoy, solved my issue, and now I can use it correctly!