How to rotate at the same rpm wheels of a tank?

I have a tank with 12 wheelcolliders and I calculate their rpm so I rotate the wheelgraphic in relation to this value. The problem is that sometimes the wheels don’t rotate at the same rpm, It’s quite difficult to say, so try wheelsrpmexample and go forward. If u move your mouse and focus on the wheels, u’ll see what I mean.

Please help!!

I never used wheelcolliders, but it looks like they behave as they should. Your problem is that each collider works on it's own. At a steep hill some colliders might not touching the ground and due to acceleration they start spinning quite fast.

Unfortunately you can't set the RPM manually (since it's readonly). You should use WheelCollider.GetGroundHit to figure out if the wheel touches the ground and react in some way when it's "flying". You could use the same RPM for all wheels and just calculate the average of all "grounded" wheels. It doesn't matter if the collider is spinning that fast. Just move the wheels at the same speed.

edit: Of course you should do this on each side seperately ;)