How to rotate camera around an object at a fixed position?

Hello I really could use some help with this!

I have a car (game object) in my scene and I really would like to rotate my camera around it at a fixed position. I have tried rotating around it normal using scripts from both the internet and the asset store but none of them seem to work. So my Question is:

How would I be able to rotate around an object at a fixed position whilst the camera us looking at the object and using touch?

I really could use some help with this! Thank You!!

So you basically grabbed random scripts without knowing how they work at all, which makes me not want to help you much. And looking at your past questions, you never tried to code anything. This isn’t coding 101. I’m not going to do your work for you. Learn some coding and at least try to solve the problem by yourself.

If the car doesn’t move, you can use this:

And this to look at the object:

If the car moves around, you have to use a more complex method.
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