How to Rotate Cube When jump?

Hi All, I want to rotate a cube when i’ll jump.
What i want is ,i created rotate animation for cube in unity like this (0-180) and (180-360) degrees.The animation has 3 keys obviously.
when i press mouse button jump is happen, at that i want to rotate the cube 0-180 degrees animation and land the cube. Again when i click mouse button the 180-360 degrees animation should be apply and again land the cube . I think it make sense to understand.
For first time jump 0-180 deg animation should apply ,for second time jump 180-360 deg animation should apply.

If i undestand right you need system that synchronise start of jump with start of needed animation? Ok first you need to split animation on 2 independent Splitting Animations. Then you build animation state tree with 2 states that contain 2 splitted animations. Add to transition conditions of each transition between 2 states trigger animation parameter then in script where you start jump write: animator.SetTrigger(“name of trigger paremeter”); (where “animator” is reference to your animator component instance).

This variant maybe not ideal but can give you idea how it can be achieved.