How to rotate my character properly while using Head Look Controller


I am currently working on a 3rd person shooter and have some trouble using the Head Look Controller unity extension.

I want to use a single animation to let the character run in different directions by rotating the model while having its upper body aiming at wherever the crosshair is pointing. I have used raycast to create a target for the character to follow using the Head Look Controller. Everything works fine until I start rotating the character. The character doesn't follow the target correctly with any rotation applied. I've tried parenting the model to an empty game object and rotate that instead but no luck with that.

So, what I'm trying to ask is how do you rotate a model while having it look at the target correctly using Head Look Controller?

Here are some screenshots

Facing Forward, Head Look Controller works fine

alt text

Facing Sideway, the character is not looking at the target (the red point in the middle).

alt text

The hierachy and the HeadLookController setup

alt textalt text

I have my character inside a master rotating game object and the head look works fine. You mentioned that this didn't work for you, so... can you post a screen shot showing your hierarchy setup for the character and also your head look settings? That might help to narrow down the problem.

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