How to rotate (or otherwise transform) Point Caches in VFX Graph?

I have a point cache (created using the Point Cache Bake Tool) in VFX graph that I would like to rotate but can’t figure out how. I’m using a ‘Set Position from Map’ block with the point cache. Other blocks like ‘Vector Field Force’ have an input ‘Field Transform’ for that but it does not exist in the ‘Set Position from Map’ block.

I looked at solving this using the Property Workflow, but could not find a way of multiplying a position with a transform matrix?


  • Set position from map
  • Get attribute (position - current) for each particle
  • Rotate each particle position around a pivot point (normally the center of PointCache - Value Bias)
  • Set new position for each particle (overwrite position from map)

I did similar thing to rotate particles spawned from a cone as image below:

I although guided another artist to apply this method to a Point Cache so it definitely works.