How to rotate RigidBody when mecanim is playing an animation

So basicly i want to create a multiplayer fps game. I tried 2 ways of movement: 1.) with script and animation that is in place. That worked but legs were not in sync with floor at all. So i tried 2.) doing movement with fully mecanim. I just kept the script for camera rotation. Animations all work nicely and i can rotate camera up and down beacause script rotates camera and now rigid body but the problem is i cant rotate rb when animator is using it. So for example i cant walk forward and turn i have to strafe which is not how fps games work (at least not the one im tryng to make). I have tried countless things and i have been stuck for 3 days on movement now. I hope you guys can help me. If i was unclear pleas tell me, also if you need my script just say. And sorry for my english D:

If you want to move an object that has an animation:

  • You make this object child by creating a parent object for it
  • So you can move the parent by script and the animation will play on the child
    Hope it works

I figured it out. You must set the update mode in animator component on normal an it will work. I think because then it wont override physics functions like transform.translate…