How to rotate/scale a prefab instance from the GUI?

Hello everyone!

I’ll get straight to the point: I have 3 ‘house’ instances made up of a block and a cylinder(for the chimney)and have brought each(except for the first)in from the Project menu where the actual Prefab is. My problem is, when I attempt to position or rotate the source Prefab, the rest of the instances do not change like they should. They do when I try to Scale them, which is what I don’t understand. Sometimes, when I try to edit the position of the source Prefab, a whole new instance appears, and I don’t understand why, either.

I have no assets imported, or anything of that sort. I thought I’d ask before I went to work, so I’ll check back on lunch break, thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

The position and rotation of the top level GameObject in a prefab are not normally considered part of the prefab (see the second and third arguments to Instantiate), but of the instance. You can get what you need by adding an extra parent at the top and modifying position & rotation of what is now the child.

Unity applies most prefab changes to all clones, but position and rotation are particular to each clone. if you want to move all of them as a whole, you can create an empty object - let’s name it “Family” - and drag all houses to it - they will become children of this Family object. Moving or rotating Family will affect all children too - but rotation will be done around the Family position, not around each house center.