How to rotate slowly and look at a target On Click (mouseUp)

I’m starting learning Unity and I want to have a NPC rotating to my face when I clicked on it. I tried this script with LookAt function:

public class LookOnClick : MonoBehaviour 
	public Transform target;
	void OnMouseUp () {
	void LookAtIgnoreHeight (Transform target) {	
        Vector3 lookAtPos = target.position;
	    //Set y of LookAt target to be my height.
	    lookAtPos.y = transform.position.y;
	    transform.LookAt (lookAtPos);*/

I also found some other options but under the Update() function.

How can I do it? Is it possible to obtain someway the position of the player who clicks the object without using Target? Because… what happens in a multiplayer game?

I think I will need to complete this pseudocode:

public class LookOnClick : MonoBehaviour 
	public Transform target; //This is the player
	bool rotation = false;
	void OnMouseUp(){
	public Transform from; //this is the NPC
	public float speed = 0.1F;
    public float minDistance = 1.0F;
	void Update() {
			transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(from.rotation, target.rotation, Time.time * speed);
			float distance = Vector3.Distance(from.rotation, target.rotation);
			if (distance<minDistance){ rotation=false;}





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