How to rotate Wheelcollider in Unity53.4f1

I’m trying to line up the wheel colliders with the wheels of the car that I have produced for a racing game, but the colliders are not rotate

. What is the best way to fix that?

Did you imported the wheel meshes with the right direction from your 3d program? Something needs to be rotated 90 degrees. Don’t know exactly with one (x,y or z) anymore. Or just rotate your mesh in your 3d program so it lines up in unity.

Or try reimporting the mesh in Unity and add a new wheelcollider. Copy your old wheel collider values and paste them in the new one. Had this problem ones.

Hope it helps!

Hi, did you repaired this situation?
If your answer is yes, how to fix it?
I have the same problem with wheel collider rotation and can’t repair it.
Please help me.