How to run an animation mouse click.

Hi I need to know how to run an animation on a mouse click. For example I have a scene that has an animation on the camera, plus I have a button with a box collider at the bottom right of my scene, so here’s what I want to happen, when I click play I want it so when I click my button(that has the box collider on it) I want it to play the animation I assigned to my camera. And if you can please write the code in java it would be awesome. Thanks so much.

Animation name = CameraAnimation1
Camera name = MainCamera

Animation name = CameraAnimation1 Camera name = MainCamera

Hi, I use this to play 2 animation and work,

and think this can be good for You,

 function OnMouseOver()

   GetButton("Fire1")) // GetButtonUp("Fire1")) - GetButtonDown("Fire1"))
         /* "buttonPlay" the button to press to start the animation
          "ButtonAnim" the animation of pressed button
        if there is, if not remove the string above 

but submit myself at who have better experience