How to Run Editor Test Runner test from editor script in 5.6?

Basically, I would like a post build script that runs all of our unit tests and prints out the results in the debug log. However, in Unity 5.6, I can not find any way of doing this programmatically (aside from the command line). Is there any way to trigger these tests from a custom editor script?

The class is not public but if you really want to, you can reflect the Batch class and invoke it.

Apologies for recognizing an old thread, but this is still the most relevant match in the answers database, even after a year, and I have additional detail to add to this approach:

Reflecting the code in Batch is not sufficient. Here’ s an implementation of that:

static void RunAllUnitTests()
    string testPlatform = "editmode";
    string resultFilePath = "ManualRunUnitTestRun.xml";
    string[] testFilters = { };
    string[] testCategories = { };

    var assembly = Assembly.Load("UnityEditor.TestRunner");
    var batchType = assembly.GetType("UnityEditor.TestTools.TestRunner.Batch");
    var runTestsMethod = batchType.GetMethod("RunTests", BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.NonPublic);        
    runTestsMethod.Invoke(null, new object[] {testPlatform, resultFilePath, testFilters, testCategories});

While this code does correctly run the unit tests, any invocation of Batch.RunTests() completes by quitting the editor. Until this is addressed, test runs cannot be automated.

(The automated quit is there because the command-line run of -editorTests, yes?)

Since the class is intentionally hidden, it’s not a “bug”, per se, but it is hindering automation of testing.
I would like to see the quit behavior separated from the test run, so an automated build script could both run the tests and build the code, without need for multiple editor invocations.

Is there any news on this?
I would also like to execute tests via script (right before a build script? :slight_smile: )
A boolean result or a List of boolean test results would be great!

public static void RunTests(string _Categories, Action _Finished = null)
var engineAssembly = Assembly.Load(“UnityEngine.TestRunner”);
var editorAssembly = Assembly.Load(“UnityEditor.TestRunner”);

		Type      filterType       = engineAssembly.GetType("UnityEngine.TestTools.TestRunner.GUI.TestRunnerFilter");
		FieldInfo filterCategories = filterType.GetField("categories");
		object    filter           = Activator.CreateInstance(filterType);
		filterCategories.SetValue(filter, _Categories);
		Type       launcherType   = editorAssembly.GetType("UnityEditor.TestTools.TestRunner.EditModeLauncher");
		MethodInfo launchMethod   = launcherType.GetMethod("Run");
		FieldInfo  runnerField    = launcherType.GetField("m_EditModeRunner", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);
		object     launcher       = Activator.CreateInstance(launcherType, filter);
		object     runner         = runnerField.GetValue(launcher);
		Type       runnerType     = runner.GetType();
		FieldInfo  finishedField     = runnerType.GetField("m_RunFinishedEvent", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);
		object     finishedCallback  = finishedField.GetValue(runner);
		Type       finishedType      = finishedCallback.GetType();
		MethodInfo finishedSubscribe = finishedType.GetMethod("AddListener");
		finishedSubscribe.Invoke(finishedCallback, new object[] { CreateAction(_Finished) });
		launchMethod.Invoke(launcher, new object[] { });