How to run onstart and fix this error

Im tryna follow this tutorial because im not used to unity’s UI and am tryna learn more by modifying code to see what it can and cant do

Im trying to get the code to start on load instead of clicking a button to start I just want the method
“StartDialouge(Dialogue dialogue);” to run on load
(Ive tried putting it into the start(){} but it returns an error and refuses to run it saying there is no argument given(etc.) I digress)
Im trying not to use colliders because if i need to start a tutorial or an intro or am making a game with out colliders in the future then it wont work… im lost and have been tryna wrap my brain around it for two day but i give up any help appreciated thanks

Heres the codes its 3 seprate methods

because you give no argument like the error told you , your method

StartDialouge(EndNarration dialogue);

need to have an argument of type EndNarration (in your screenshot) and you give nothing because you call it like this


You need to create a variable of type EndNarration and give to her some sentence and call it in your awake function like this

StartDialouge(EndNarration  yourVariable)

That’s all