How to run the .unity3d files in Unity

Hi Guys, could any one tell me how to run .unity3d files in unity or unity player. Please its' very urgent.

Thanking you,

Reg, Karthik

".unity3d" files are the compiled webplayer build files, so you can't run them in the Unity editor, or as stand-alone executables. The only place that they can run is within a web browser which has the Unity webplayer plug-in installed.

If you have the Unity webplayer plug-in installed for your browser, you should be able to drag the .unity3d file into your browser (or open it from your browser's file menu) and it will run.

However, if you did not make the file yourself, and it does not seem to work, it may be that author of the file implemented some kind of security checks to ensure that the file only works when hosted from their own server.

You can use UniPlayer to play .unity3d files. UniPlayer is released for free in the next link.