How to save a GameObject?

I have a list which saves inputed values from the user. I want to be able to save this list even when the user goes to a different screen and returns or exits the game completely and returns. I have two game objects I want saved, GradeDisplay and ListDisplay. The GradeDisplay shows the average amount of points and the ListDisplay shows the actual list of what numbers the user has entered. How do I save these two game objects?


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I think you don’t really need to save entire GameObject. You want to save average amount of points from one GameObject and list of numbers from the other.

For that there are several ways, but you mentioned that you want to save it even after game exits. So i think the easiest solution is Player Prefs. You can save a number there like your average amount of points. When it comes to a list, i would parse it to a JSON and save it to mentioned Player Prefs as string.

Then in Start() or Awake() you can load this data from Player Prefs.