how to Save all Application Data after quit and restore them

Hello Unity Community,

I’ve made a kind of application for Android and, i didn’t care of any Save system.
My application is totaly working while i don’t close it, but, of course, after closing it, my data are lost.

The problem i have is that i’ve got a huge number of script and variable, and i can’t just save everything and set everything to PlayerPref (then load).

I would like a way to just restore my application exactly as it was before closing it.
Something like a “Scene saving before exit” could be a possibility, but never i have found something like that. Maybe an asset on the store can do this, but i’ve never found one too.

Sorry for my bad English, and thank you very much for your help, will be very appreciated.
Have a nice day

Actualy, i’ve found how to save my objects (they are similar, except for the values/variables) as a prefab, then, on the game load, instantiate them.

But my huge problem actualy is that i’ve got the same script on each prefab, and the variables of this script aren’t the same for all these prefabs. But when i instantiate prefabs, local and static variables are reseted because the values are not stored and not assigned again.

My goal is just to have my application that will never reset, as if there wasn’t exit mode but always the play mode of Unity editor.

Any kind of help will be appreciated