How to Save and Load options from options scene to main menu scene?

Hello! I am making a game and I want to save my settings on options scene for example music volume and load that saved settings to my main menu scene when clicking back button to go back. So, I don’t know how to actually achieve that and it was very hard for me to handle that. I really need someone to explain me how to make it happen and actually what to do step by step if possible on my scripts. Thanks a lot! Check my scripts.

Here is UI Manager script:

Here is Settings Manager script:

Here some screenshots:

Please I really need help and stuck on that!!

You may want to use PlayerPrefs, they are meant to store a little bit of data like settings between sessions. It even works in Editor! And WebGL!(using browser cache or something). You just have to make a method which saves your options into PlayerPrefs (Better don’t call it every frame when you change option values, only when you confirming changed settings or something). And a method which loads all the data from PlayerPrefs and assigning them to your script containing options values. I personally do that putting it on Awake with a static bool flag so it don’t load every time you change the scene.

Oh I actually anwered how to store data between sessions, not between scenes. If your issue is just how to save data between scenes, you have an option to keep them on a GameObject which have DontDestroyOnLoad turned on for it via script, or to save data via assigning it to static variables of some class. Static variables don’t change throught scene switching.