How to save and load?

What are all the steps, or the process to creating a save file, and a couple of load up files to choose from? Just want to know the process. I watched the unity tut on one but its with gui, and doesn’t really save your scene, and take you back to where you were. Still pretty new to scripting, and if I know the steps then I would be able to know what other areas to work in with c#.


  1. Go to File->New scene
  2. In Project Panel Create a Folder name it Scenes or _Scenes (for the purpose of clean Project)
  3. Save Your File->Save Scene, it will open a window, most probably you will be in “Assets” folder, there you can find the folder your created “Scenes”, go to that folder, name your Scene such as Level1, and save it.
  4. If you want to Open Other scenes, if the scenes are in your project you can find it in your project panel in Unity3D, otherwise you need to import other Scenes to your Project folder or Import the package that you need the Scene.

If you added the Scenes to your game project manually, then in your project panel right click and press “Refresh” you will be able to see other files and folder that you added to your game project.

Hope this helps.

You need to save the right data - in the tutorial on persistent data (I assume that’s the one you watched) they showed saving the health.

Well that’s one type of data now if you want to save the location of your player in the 3D world you also need to save the transform for the player. And if you’re player carries an inventory you need to save that as well.

That tutorial is very good but they only have an hour so they couldn’t really show all the stuff you need to save.

At a basic level you might save the score or health and level of your character but imagine a game like TES Oblivion or Skyrim when that saves it has to save the players location all inventory items, all the player stats for levels, the time of the day and on and on and on.

It’s all just data but you have to decide what need saving in your game.