How to save big animated pixel tiles properly?

Hey! I’m struggling with creating animated river tiles.
How would you export these big animated tiles to avoid problems in Unity? It’s 320x288 I see 3 options here:

  • split it into pieces: corners and straight pieces, in this way, we'll make for example 128x128 animated tiles - will this work at all?
  • to export the full image (but will it be convenient to use in the engine?)
  • save each 32x32 tile (though it’s a lot of work)

Your help is highly appreciated because it is going to be a free asset for everyone

Each way has tradeoffs. You have already noted some of those. I'm not sure what more to add.

Since you're making this an asset, go download the top three (3) free assets you can find that are similar (tilemaps or animated water, for isntance) and see what they did... I would even go and try and use those assets and see how their choices constrain their asset.

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