How to Save data as transactions in C# using firebase?

I’m making an quiz game in unity using firebase realtime database. I want to save on firebase what players have answered each questions, and later show to player what others also have answered

Example: Is sky blue? Yes or No

82% has answered Yes

12% has answered No

Firebase doc is using leaderboard setup, that i didn’t understand. Here is the link to firebase doc

I have been struggling with this for many days now. Here is my code that work, but i don’t know how to add all other questions.

  private void AddCount(DatabaseReference clickCountRef)

    clickCountRef.RunTransaction(mutableData =>

        List<object> counts = mutableData.Value as List<object>;

        if (counts == null)
            counts = new List<object>();
            return TransactionResult.Success(mutableData);

        yesFromFirebase = (long)((Dictionary<string, object>)counts[0])["yes"];
        noFromFirebase = (long)((Dictionary<string, object>)counts[0])["no"];

        Dictionary<string, object> newCounter =
             new Dictionary<string, object>();
        newCounter["yes"] = yesFromFirebase + yesFB;
        newCounter["no"] = noFromFirebase + noFB;
        counts[0] = (newCounter);
        mutableData.Value = counts;
        yesFB = 0;
        noFB = 0;
        return TransactionResult.Success(mutableData);


have you had a look at