How to save data with the webplayer avaiable to all users?

Hi! I need to save some values with my application admin, and made them avaiable to all the users to see.

What’s the best way to accomplish this? I thought about PlayerPrefs, but it sticks to the local machine.

I’m contemplating the implementation of a browser comunication with the unity webplayer and save the values on a web database. Is this the best way to go? I just need to store some floats, strings and booleans, nothing too fancy.

suggest you to use some php codes or asp, create first some databases, where save data.
second create a admin page with login everything using php (if you want to learn it
at last create a page for normal people where they can see what you want from database store.
suggest you to use phpMyAdmin. or somethink pre built ready to apply on your site as Joomla.
good luck