How to save in "the assets folder"

Im new to unity and im trying to do the tanks tutorial, to progress further i need to save the scene, but unity won’t let me save in the assets folder, because i “need to save in the assets folder”. im stuck in a loop, pls help in anyway possible

This function should do it:

void SaveWorld() {

	//Save a scene to HDD/SSD
	Game saveGame = new Game(); //Replace "Game" with the file name that you are trying to serialize = SceneManager.GetActiveScene().name; //This is an example of how you can save
							                            //stuff like the name of the game
	//Save any other information here

	BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter();
	FileStream file = File.Create(Application.dataPath + "/Saves/" + + ".prefix");
					//Application.dataPath refers to the assets folder when you are playing from editor.

								//Note that this example requires you to have a
								//subfolder of the assets folder called "Saves".
								//You can make the path whatever you want. If you
								//don't want to save it in a subfolder just
								//delete " + "/Saves/". The prefix can also be whatever you want.
        bf.Serialize(file, saveGame);

        Debug.Log("Saved Game: " + + "

Path: " + Application.dataPath + “/Saves/” + + “.prefix”);

You say that you are new to Unity so you probably want to read or watch some tutorials on how to properly save and load data from a hard drive. It’s not hard but this function is only the bare necessities. Here’s a tutorial provided by Unity:

this is a very big bug that frustrates beginners developers should not answer the questions in this forum