How to save multiple data on Web

so for example i have 3 buttons which they have all the same script in it with variables of level,count,cost. how do i save their data individually using player prefs? so that i have for example(button1 > level = 1,count =2,cost = 3, button2 >level = 5,count = 10, cost = 9, button3 > level = 10, count = 3, cost = 100).

Include the button name in the player prefs key…

void SaveData(string name, int level, int count, int cost)
  PlayerPrefs.SetInt(name + "_Level", level);
  PlayerPrefs.SetInt(name + "_Count", count);
  PlayerPrefs.SetInt(name + "_Cost", cost);

Call it something like this…

SaveData(, button1Level, button1Count, button1Cost);
SaveData(, button2Level, button2Count, button2Cost);

You’ll have to get the individual values however you’re normally doing that, but the key is to have each set of data start with a unique value.

Another way to do it would be to use JSON or some other structured data format. You’d build a JSON string that has all of the data and store it as a single value in PlayerPrefs…

Data: [
  Button1: { Level: 1, Count: 2, Cost: 3 },
  Button2: { Level: 5, Count: 10, Cost: 9 },
  Button3: { Level: 10, Count: 3, Cost: 100 }