How to Save Password in My Login Page ?

I need to save my password for my application for which i don’t have to login next time if i entered the Right password like “One Time Login”.

is there any method like in iOS there is “NSUserdefaults” ? Please help me out.

I don’t know any direct method to achieve what you want but I can give you a solution. You can create two variables called EnteredPassword and EnteredUsername. You put a checkbox to offer one time login and if it is pressed it saves entered password and EnteredUsername, and at the execution of your application, applications first looks at the username on phone then searches it on database when it finds EnteredUsername in database it checks if EnteredPassword on phone are the same with the password on database and if it is the same it opens the menu without any login.

Use PlayerPrefs to do this. It works great. You can SetString and GetString, they stay persistent even when you close the app ext. You can control if they want to REMEMBER ME or not by clearing the strings etc. Just implemented on a login page myself.