How to save result of GPU Perlin Noise (from shader) to a regular Texture2D?

Not sure I am asking the question correctly.

Here is the asset, Turbulence Library.
It generates various noises using a shader, but how can I convert the result into regular Texture2D?

So I be able to use it in other materials or save to file.

You’d first use Graphics.Blit to draw the material using the Turbulence Library onto a rendertexture, and then use ReadPixels to copy from there to a regular Texture2D. Something like this:

// Create a temporary render texture 
RenderTexture temp = RenderTexture.GetTemporary(width, height, 0, RenderTextureFormat.ARGB32);

// Draw to the RT (Texture2D.whiteTexture is just a dummy src)
// mat is a material with the Turbulence Shader applied to it
Graphics.Blit(Texture2D.whiteTexture, temp, mat);

// Copy the rendertexture to a regular texture
Texture2D tex = new Texture2D(width, height);
tex.ReadPixels(new Rect(0, 0, width, height), 0, 0, false);