How to save user data to mysql when unity3d already compressed

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a website that contains a unity3d file thats dynamically loaded in the browser. Its running a virtual custom made application which allows the user to save their preferences.

Now this is where I come in, I need to have the data from the user pre stored in a mysql database with php as my server language. I don’t know too much about unity3d but I have been having a difficult time getting attributes and form info.

Saw a couple of posts & tutorials demonstrating that scripts can be written for that. However, they were all in development mode in the unity application. I’m only working with a ‘.unity3d’ file that’s being loaded in the browser. Does any one know if a compiled/compressed version can be edited?

Is it possible to access it and connect it to mysql? If so, how?

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

If there isn’t an accessible API for the project regarding such things, I don’t think this is possible without doing some kind of DLL inject to the compiled project created by Unity. However, it impossible to do any kind of code injects for a web build (thanks goes to @whydoidoit for pointing that out). Also, this enters a really strange zone of legality if you are not the creator of the original program, and could be considered a violation of the creators EULA.

However, if the creator of the project has included some type of API this could be done with bridge code to link the project to mySQL. My only suggestion at that point would be to contact the author of the project and see if such an API exists and how to access it.