How to save

Is it a way to save and load player position between scenes without using PlayerPref? Or do I need to buy it from the asset store?
I hawe troyt to find a way to save and load my player for 1 -2 years now, and I don’t now hot tom do it.
I don’t want to use the PlayerPrefs, sins this sending the data to the registry of the pc, and it is easy to edit teh save file.

To learn about data persistence I recommend you watch this unity session: Persistence: Saving and Loading Data - Unity Learn

Although, as the video states it does not work for web use, so you would need to do additional research to implement saving into a web build. That being said there are numerous sources of information on how to do this all over the web. I invite you to use the google search engine to ask your question. I am confident you will find a flood of answers, albeit some may be outdated. I regret to inform you that I do not have a simple elegant solution to give to you since saving is usually very context sensitive and varies greatly on your programs needs.